How to obtain logs for Overland Technical Support using Quantum's DLT Sage xTalk diagnostic program.

Version 1

    Step 1. Download and install the current version of DLT Sage xTalk:

    Step 2. Run DLT Sage xTalk program.

    Step 3. Click on the Quantum tape drive to be tested.

    Step 4. Click on Device Health Check.

    Step 5. Click on Run (found on the button bar).

    Step 6. You will be prompted with "This operation may take approximately 14 minutes to complete. Do you wish to continue with this operation?" Click on Yes.

    Step 7. You will be prompted with "WARNING ALL EXISTING DATA ON THIS TAPE WILL BE DISTROYED. Please make sure that a properly formatted scratch tape is inserted in the drive with the write-protect tab in the off position. Would you like to proceed?". Make sure you have inserted a known good tape into the tape drive then click on Yes.

    Step 8 If the test does not compete successfully, please try the test again using a .different known good tape.

    Step 9. Reply to the tech support representative with the log files zipped into a single compressed file. The log files can be found here: %root%\Program Files\Quantum\xTalk\Logs\ (example file name: xTalk_12-23-2009_145906_PMB48H0050.txt)