How do I download the Library Special Trace from a NEO

Version 1

    Solution: There are three ways that you can download the special trace file from the Neo. If the unit is configured on the network, you can use a Web browser and Web TLC to capture the trace file. Otherwise, you can use the NeoCenter utility on a Windows system (you will also need the serial adapter and cable set that came with NEO to connect the system with NeoCenter installed to the RS232 port on the back of the NEO). If the NEO is locked up and you can not download the trace with either WebTLC or NeoCenter, then you can ftp the special trace file.

    IMPORTANT: Run the trace immediately after the failure occurs. The information that is kept is volatile and will be lost if you restart the NEO.

    SOLUTION 1. Using a browser logged on to Web TLC

    1. Log on to Web TLC.

    2. Select the History option.

    3. Scroll down to the area that mentions Download a Binary File.

    4. Select and download the Special Trace binary file.

    5. Send the file to Enter the call ticket in the subject line of the e-mail message.

    SOLUTION 2. Using the NeoCenter utility

    1. Download and install the Neo Center Utility from:

    2. Menu Bar - Connect: Connect with Neo Center

    3. Menu Bar - Upload

    4. Select Special Trace.

    - Binary File: INSERT C:\special.bin
    - Make sure a check mark is in Post-Process Uploaded Data
    - Database File: = C:\Program Files\NeoCenter\NextGen.tdb
    -Post-Processed File: INSERT C:\special.trc
    -Click OK

    5. Send the special.bin file to Enter the call ticket in the subject line of the e-mail message.

    SOLUTION 3. Using ftp
    FTP to the NEO Library IP address.

    1. ftp to the NEO: "ftp 123.456.78.90
    2.Enter anonymous for the user
    3. Enter the level 1 password: Default is 1
    4. cd to the download directory: "cd download"
    5.Type "ls" to check to see if the file is listed
    6.Type "bin"
    The \download sub-directory contains binary files which can be downloaded
    from the Library FTP server to your local hard disk for post-processing.
    The following describes the files that can be transferred (via FTP):
    A. For stand-alone configurations:
    LibDgTrc.bin - diagnostic trace data
    LibNoVol.bin - non-volatile trace data
    LibSpTrc.bin - special trace data.
    LibSvTrc.bin - servo trace data.
    LibTrace.bin - system trace data.
    B. For multi-module configurations:
    MstDgTrc.bin - diagnostic trace data (master module)
    MstNoVol.bin - non-volatile trace data (master module).
    MstSpTrc.bin - special trace data (master module).
    MstSvTrc.bin - servo trace data (master module).
    MstTrace.bin - system trace data (master module).
    MdnNoVol.bin - non-volatile trace data (slave module n).
    MdnSpTrc.bin - special trace data (slave module n).
    MdnSvTrc.bin - servo trace data (slave module n).
    MdnTrace.bin - system trace data (slave module n).

    7. Download the file from the NEO. example: "get LibSpTrc.bin" - the file will be downloaded to the directory you were at when you initiated the ftp session
    8. After the download is complete type "quit"