How to make FCO3 and GEOi2 IDC 10 to DB9 serial port

Version 1

    This document corresponds with the hidden back door technique mentioned in KC document 6865

    Please see the attached files and images
    In order to Reset a FCO3 or a GEOi2 V.I.A. Option card, you will need an IDC 10 to DB9 Male serial port cable and a Null Modem Serial cable.
    These items can be purchased at some electronic stores and also at many online distributors. Just search for --> IDC 10 to DB9 Male serial cable.
    The Null Modem serial cable is standard.

    The other option is to buy the parts for the IDC 10 DB 9 M serial cable:
    1) IDC 10 connector
    2) DB 9 M connector
    3) Ribbon cable with 10 wires , Minimum 8 inches

    You will need around an eight inch long ribbon cable with an IDC 10-pin connector on one end and a DB9 male connector on the other.
    Once built use KC # 6865 as guide on how to back door into the VIA cards.
    Use Chapter 4 of the FCO3 user guide for the CLI commands.

    The main command to reset the passwrod is

    set RestoreConfiguration default

    Note: This command will reset all settings to the original factory defaults. The password will be "Password" and the IPAddress will be set to DHCP.