How to use NeoCenter to reboot a NEO Tape Library

Version 1

    A Neo is located at a remote location such as a CoLo. Someone at the remote location has left the Neo in menu mode making the NEO inaccessible to reboot via WebTLC.

    Pre-setup a Neo serial cable connected from a remotely accessible windows box to the Neo. Then use NEOCenter to reboot the Neo.

    Connect the RS232 serial cable (RJ-11 to DB9) supplied with the NEO to a computer or server with a serial port, and to the port on the library controller card marked RS232.

    Download and install NEO center. You can find the download at:

    Use the following settings in NEO Center to connect to the NEO via the serial port:

    Port Speed: 115200 bps
    Data Bits: 8
    Parity: N
    Stop Bits: 1
    Flow Control: N

    Select Diag from the menu bar and then the option of Reboot Library.

    The Neo will now reboot.