HP LTO 3 Drive Firmware Requirements for the NEO 2000e and NEO 4000e

Version 1

    I just installed a HP Fibre Channel LTO 3 drive into my NEO2000e. My NEO 2000e can not see the new Fibre Channel tape drive. The front panel display shows "Initialization Error -x02.

    When I open the Status Menu in WebTLC, Current Library Inventory shows a "Removed Drive(s)" message where the new drive(s) should appear. Also, The Drive Status (Summary) Field records a "FAILURE: Unable to Communicate with Drive Error".

    NEO 2000e requires a minimum tape drive firmware revision: The Fibre Channel Drive must have at least tape drive firmware version L65h. Contact Overland Storage Technical Support for assistance upgrading the tape drive firmware.

    Please note: If you have a LXN2000 or LXN4000 the down rev drive can be inserted and updated/configured on-site.