Unloading a stuck tape for Neo Series Tape Libraries

Version 1

    1. Power the unit off.

    2. Remove the top cover, if this is a rackmount unit, remove the two screws on the top of the unit. For Desktop unit the covers will have 4 screws holding the cover in place, two on each side.

    3. With the cover off the unit and the power off, identify the drive that has a tape stuck inside. Use a paper clip to open the magazine door and remove the tape magazine that is closest to the problem drive. Please leave the magazine door open. This will stop the shuttle from moving in front of the drive to retrieve an orphaned cartridge. If the shuttle is located in front of the tape drive, it will make it extremely difficult to remove the cartridge. Now power on the unit.

    4. It depends on the drive technology that is in the unit, the steps will need to be taken:


    Quantum SDLT220/320 - Press and hold for 20 seconds the unload button, the button is at the very bottom of the drive below the 3 LED's.

    LTO (Seagate or HP) - Press single button on drive.

    LTO Half Height Cost Effective tape drive - see attached document.

    Quantum DLT8000 - Press the unload button at the bottom of the drive. Once the Operate Handle (Green LED) illuminates, then move grey plastic lever from left to right. The tape should eject out of the drive. Manually remove the tape. If the tape won't eject, push the tape back in the drive and re-try the steps again.

    5. Remove the cartridge and inspect for defects, if unsure of the quality of the media remove the tape from the unit just to be safe. A defective tape can cause a drive to fail or damage the drive.

    6. Cycle power the unit, insure that the unit boots up w/o any problems ie; no drive faults or loader fault indicators.

    7. Test the functionality of the drive by manually loading from the front panel mode an unused but a good inspected cartridge into the drive. Press the status button to view the current status of the tape drive. Once the LCD indicates that the drive is IDLE then unload the media. Verify the status once again. The LCD should then indicate NO TAPE.

    8. If the unit fails with errors then contact Overland Storage Support for an RMA or for service: 1-877-654-3429