Disable FTP, Telnet, and ExpressNAV for GEOi2 and FCO3

Version 1

    Problem: In secure environments, it may be necessary to disable ethernet access to Neo FCO3 or GEOi2 V.I.A. cards.

    Use the following CLI command to disable or enable Telnet, FTP, and ExpressNAV (web interface) functionality. The Telnet/FTP/ExpressNAV parameters are cumulative; to close all three, ports, issue the ClosePort command three times, once for each port. The parameter "none" re-enables all ports.

    set ClosePort [Telnet | FTP | ExpressNAV | none]
    get ClosePort

    Note: this feature is not available on discontinued models FCO2, FCO1, GEOi, or GEOn.