What causes an 8001 fault code

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    The drive is getting an 8001 fault code how do I resolve this?



    There are several items that can cause an 8001 fault code.


    1. 1. Error code 8001 is most commonly caused by a defective piece of media. Try manually loading several tapes

    into the drive. If the other tapes load then the original piece of media is most likely defective.


    1. 2. A defective drive can cause the 8001. If every tape that is loaded into the drive, then the drive is defective and needs to be replaced.


    1. 3. A cleaning tape that has a data tape barcode label will cause this. If the tape is not loaded in the time expected to load a data tape the 8001 will occur.  Barcode labels specified for cleaning will contain the letters "CLN".