Special NeoCenter for 6.08 trace bug (novram clearing)

Version 1

    NEO firmware version 6.08 will produce corrupt logs. The procedure below clears the NEO's NV RAM. It should be run after changing to a different firmware version.

    1) Unzip these two files into a working directory (eg, C:\temp)

    2) Open a DOS prompt and change to the working directory

    3) Connect the NeoCenter serial cable to the NEO 2000 or NEO 4000 library that had previously been corrupted with 6.08 firmware.

    4) Execute the utility with the appropriate COM port specified

    example: C:\> neocclr /p1 (for COM1)
    C;\> neocclr /p2 (for COM2)

    5) After performing this operation, verify that a new library trace returns good values for the non-volatile areas.

    6) Delete and remove the zip file as well as neoccir

    Note that this utility should only be used one time, under OVRL Tech Support or Apps guidance, for the purpose of clearing the corrupted entries.