How to Identify Neo Hot Swap Board Types

Version 1

    How do I know what type of hot swap board is installed inside of a Neo without removing the hotswap board?

    In order to identify the hotswap board, the Neo must be using firmware version 6.02 or later.

    There are two utilities available to identify the type of hotswap board installed inside of a Neo.

    NeoCenter version 4.71 or later - Open the LibSpTrc.bin file and scroll to the bottom of the trace.

    WebTLC - History >> Library Special Trace - scroll down to the bottom of the trace.

    In both cases you will see the following:


    Shuttle: 01 (LTO capable)
    Passthru: 00
    Vertical: 01 (Geared head)
    Touch: 00
    Drives 0-1: 00
    Drives 2-3: 01 (Fan stall capable)

    Power Supply Status: Dual-Bay, 2x400W

    Look at the lines specifying the Drives.

    (Fan stall capable, Ultra320 capable) = U320
    (Fan stall capable) = U160
    "blank" = U80

    A Neo 4000 was used in the above example. The top two drive bays share a U80 hot swap and the bottom two drive bays share a U160 hotswap.