FSC 3011 using  Neo RoHS magazines

Version 1


    TDK LTO2 media and FujiFilm LTO1 media are sticking in Neo RoHS magazines resulting in FSC 3011 bin fetch failures.


    The root cause seems to be a non smooth edge found on the notch on the outside of the media cartridge. This notch is used by the slot spring to keep the cartridge in place. The cartridge will not eject from the magazine as the sharp edge of the notch catches on the slot spring. See attached pictures for details.

    More information:

    - The original Ultrium specification was ambiguous regarding the V-notch design.
    As a result, some manufacturers designed the V-notch with a cut-away section ("bad notch" photo). Others designed the V-notch with the 2 solid planes ("good notch" photo).

    -Over time, all manufacturers converged on the same design (i.e. similar to that shown in the "good notch" photo).

    - The design shown in the "bad notch" photo was changed prior to the introduction of LTO Gen 3, and thus the cartridge shown ("bad notch" photo) would be over 4 years old.

    Currently the only solution is for the customer to use a different brand of media. It is not recommended for the customer to attempt to file, grind, or sand down the sharp edge of the notch as it could result in unwanted residue inside the tape library. There is no written documentation or specification available for the customer to follow to properly remedy the situation.