Reset ATTO FCO2, FCO3, GEOi, GEOi2, GEOn password reset

Version 1


    The password has been forgotten or is for one reason or another, no longer available.


    Note: This procedure works for all ATTO OEM V.I.A. cards and will reset the card to factory defaults. All previous settings will be lost.

    Using a NEO serial cable, and a com port terminal software such as HyperTerminal, connect to the target V.I.A. card. (Note FCO3, only has an internal serial connection, you will need a special 10 pin header cable to connect to this card).

    Use the following command to reset the card to default settings:

    RestoreConfiguration Default

    [Once the command has been executed you will receive a ready prompt]

    Use this command to reboot the V.I.A. card:


    The login and password has been reset to factory default:

    Login: root
    Password: Password