FCO does not see HP LTO Drive after reboot of NEO

Version 1

    Customer does not see the Tape Drive after a reboot of the NEO. The drive will not be listed under the FCO Administrator and will not be present from the Host System.

    If a customer is using a NEO with the Fibre Channel Option (FCO) and a media is currently loaded into an HP LTO drive, after a soft boot (front panel) or cold boot off the NEO, the customer will not see the HP LTO drive via the Hyper Terminal using FCO Administrator nor from their Host System. The HP LTO drive technology in a NEO with the FCO is the only combination that will have this issue. After power up of the NEO, through the FCO Administrator under the option Display Devices, the HP LTO drive/s that have a media loaded will not be listed. Only the HP LTO drive/s that are empty and the NEO Series (Library) are listed.

    There are a few easy ways to avoid this from happening.

    1. Make sure that the HP LTO drive is unloaded before shutting down or rebooting the NEO.

    2. From the FCO Administrator's System Menu choose the last option Shutdown/Restart. This will restart the FCO and force a Re-SCAN of the back-end scsi device/s.

    3. From the FCO Administrator's System Menu choose the Configuration Menu / Scan Configuration / Scan Delay / default is 0 set to 30 seconds and save the settings. After each reboot, through Hyper Terminal, the message "Wait 30 seconds prior for scanning back-end devices" will be present. This will allow for the FCO to wait the full 30 Seconds prior to scanning the channel for devices. This would not be of any inconvenience (timing wise), for the NEO would need
    to go through its own POST process (inventory, drive check etc.), usually longer for the NEO 8000.

    Option 1 obviously is the best way to go any time dealing with Tape Drives. However with the HP LTO drive/s in this scenario use the third option. It's a longer scan delay but essentially the drive will be found and the user would not have to go through option 2 or 1 each time.