Unable to read from tapes using Linux OS

Version 1

    Problem: Data can be written to tape without error. The following messages occur when trying to read from tape:

    tar -tvf /dev/nst0
    tar: /dev/nst0: Cannot read: Input/output error
    tar: At beginning of tape, quitting now
    tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

    Reviewing the messages file shows the following errors

    st1: Failed to read 65536 byte block with 32768 byte read.
    st0: Write not multiple of tape block size.

    Solution: When using tar, use the "-b" switch to enable the correct block size for the tape device. Most current tape drives use 64k block size (-b 128).

    Example for tar:

    write using tar
    tar -c -v -b 128 -f /dev/nst0 etc.tgz/etc

    read using tar:
    tar -t -v -b 128 -f /dev/nst0

    You may also configure stinit.def to permently set the block size of a device. Please contact your Linux OS provider for details on how to setup stinit.def