Where can I find more information on how to manage my LTO Ultrium media?

Version 1

    Solution: To protect the data on your Ultrium data cartridges, observe the following precautions.

    -- Always remove the cartridge from the drive when not in use and store it in its protective case.

    -- Protect cartridges from exposure to dirt, dust, and moisture.

    -- Do not touch the tape media within a cartridge.

    -- Do not use data cartridges outside the specified operating conditions: 10 degrees C to 45 degrees C, 10% to 80% relative humidity.
    If a data cartridge has been exposed to temperature or humidity changes within the limits listed above, allow the tape cartridge to acclimate to its surroundings for at least one hour before use, and then re-tension the tape after exposure to allow the tape pack to become stable.
    If during storage or transportation a data cartridge has been exposed to conditions outside the above range, it must be conditioned before use in the operating environment. The conditioning process requires exposure to the operating environment for a time equal to, or greater than, the time away from the operating environment, up to a maximum of 24 hours. The data cartridge should then be re-tensioned.

    -- Keep the cartridge away from direct sunlight and heat sources, such as radiators, heaters, or warm-air ducts.

    -- Keep the cartridge away from sources of electromagnetic fields, such as telephones, computer monitors, dictation equipment, mechanical or printing calculators, motors, magnetic tools, and bulk erasers.

    -- Avoid dropping the cartridge. This can damage components inside the cartridge, possibly rendering the tape unusable. If a tape is dropped, open the cartridge door and make sure that the leader pin is in the correct position, and then re-tension the cartridge before using it.

    -- Do not bulk-erase Ultrium cartridges. Bulk-erased cartridges cannot be reformatted by the tape drive and will be rendered unusable.
    Tape Re-tensioning: Ultrium data cartridges require periodic re-tensioning to operate properly. Re-tensioning reduces pack shift and stabilizes the tape pack. For instructions on how to re-tension a tape cartridge, see the manual that came with your backup software. You should re-tension a tape cartridge if:
    ---- The cartridge is being used for the first time.
    ---- The tape cartridge has not been used for over a month.
    ---- The tape cartridge has been exposed to changes in temperature (first allow the media to acclimate to its surroundings).
    ---- The tape is shoe-shining back and forth and backups are proceeding slowly.