What does the 0X8001 error code mean?

Version 1

    Cause: 0X8001 Error C: Fault code 0x8001 indicates that the LTO drive was unable to seat the cartridge on the chuck properly after multiple retries. (The drive does up to five retries internally on each cartridge insertion and the loader removes and inserts the cartridge up to five times before this fault is declared.) The root cause is a settling of the cartridge chuck by 2 millimeters or more, which prevents the gear teeth from interfacing with the drive chuck. These cartridges are considered defective by Seagate and should be removed from service.

    The loader treats this as a "soft" error so that automated backup software can remove the cartridge from the drive and park it in a storage bin, which allows the backup task to continue with another tape.

    Solution: Remove the defective media from service.