Can I upgrade the drive technology in my Overland Tape Library?

Version 1

    Cause: If you are using a NEO SERIES tape library, you can upgrade the drive technology.

    Solution: NEO is a "Next Generation" tape library that allows the backup operator to change the tape drive technology**. All that is required is a flathead screwdriver and a small amount of time. For more details, contact your value-added reseller (VAR).

    **Note: Neo2000 units starting with serial number 2B307XXXXX and Neo4000 Units starting with serial number 2B306XXXXX can use either DLT/SDLT or LTO drive technologies. Tape magazines must match the drive technology.

    Units with earlier serial numbers are limited to using the current drive technology of the Neo series unit. Example: Unit currently has DLT8000 tape drives. These drives can be upgraded to SDLT220, SDLT320, or SDLT600.