Can I use an SDLT drive on a single-ended (SE) bus?

Version 1

    Overland discourages the use of single-ended SCSI for the following reasons:
    -- Maximum frequency supported on SE SCSI: 20 MHz (Ultra 1)
    -- 2 bytes per clock (wide SCSI) => maximum data rate=40 MB/s
    -- Optimum SCSI bus utilization: 85% => 34 MB/s maximum throughput
    -- Native data rate of SDLT220: 11 MB/s
    -- Maximum compression factor on SDLT: about 6:1
    -- => maximum user data rate per SDLT drive ~66 MB/s

    Essentially, unless you run three SDLT drives per SE bus at most and never use compression, the data bus does not have sufficient bandwidth. A single drive with compression can saturate the SE bus (as well as an 80 MB/s Ultra2 bus).

    In the best case, you sacrifice performance during the times when your data source delivers compressible data because the drive will not stream during those times. In the worst case, because SCSI is priority-driven, the higher priority devices can hog the bus if there is no spare bandwidth, the lower priority devices get starved, and their backup process times out. The "Disconnected command timeout for Target 2.0" type errors look like this issue.
    There are some drive parameters to play with (SCSIRESELRETRIES, SCSIBUSDMATIMER) to avoid those timeouts.