Where can I find drivers for my Overland Storage product?

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    Solution: In most cases, the manufacturers of backup software provide their own drivers for backup products. Drivers are broken down into two components: drivers for tape libraries and drivers for tape drives.

    Overland storage provides a Windows 2000 driver, which can be found in the drivers section of the Web site at:
    http://www.overlandstorage.com/support/drivers.htm. Use this driver only if you are using Windows 2000 native backup (RSM), or if the software manufacturer recommends it. Otherwise, drivers for the library device should be built into the operating system.

    If a driver for the tape drive is not available, you can download a generic driver from the Web site of the manufacturer of the internal tape technology. The most common Web sites are listed below:


    HP LTO:

    Seagate LTO:

    Sony AIT: