Configuring the WWPN of a Fibre Channel HP LTO Tape Drive in a NEO Series Tape Library

Version 1

    It may be helpful to retain the World Wide Port Name and World Wide Node Name (WWPN & WWNN) when replacing a fibre channel tape drive in a NEO Series Tape Library. This will save time by not having to reconfigure your Fibre channel switch and backup software when a tape drive is replaced.

    Follow the steps in the attached PDF.

    Please write down the current WWPN and WWNN for each drive you plan to replace. If the number is not written down, you will not be able to re-enter it later in the procedure. Once the drive has been replaced you can manually enter the Port Name of the original drives for consistency.

    Be sure you unload any tapes that may be loaded in the tape drive or drives you plan to replace. Tapes cannot be easily removed once the drive is removed from the library.