Backup Exec 11d directory restore hangs

Version 1

    If you have or know of a customer that has problems with data recovery using Symantec Backup Exec 11d rev 6235 on Windows 2003 Server, there are some hot fixes that may resolve those issues. We had a customer that was trying to restore a directory from a REO VTL and all it would do is load the vtc into the vtd and do nothing. While the job status is running, the base directory may get created but no files ever gets restored.
    I've seen jobs that were canceled after several hours and still no files restored.

    The work-around, in order to retrieve the data was to use the media view and selecting a filter type of search via search catalog for the source files. Once the files are listed from the media set, all files can then be selected and the restore should run and complete in minutes. However, this is a
    tedious work-around but it does prove that the data is recoverable on the device and the problem lies within BUE. In order to eliminate these extra steps, point the user to the links I have provided. They can either download the Hot Fixes individually or use the Live Update to download and install all the patches automatically. This option is found under the Help menu of BUE.

    Keep in mind the BUE problem can be found with any target device ie; physical tape (NEO/ARCvault/LX), a disk device (REO Disk Folder) or a logical tape device (REO VTL/VT).

    Current list of published hotfixes for Backup Exec for Windows Servers 11.0.6235

    Hotfix 13 - Restore of folders causes the job to mount every file or tapes in the media family.

    When performing a restore of a folder with Backup Exec 11d, the restore appears to hang for a long period of time.