What type of SCSI card should I use with my HP Ultrium 2 drive (460)?

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    Solution: The HP Ultrium 2 460 drives are Ultra 3 Wide SCSI devices designed to operate on a low-voltage differential (LVD) SCSI interface. The drives support a burst transfer rate of 160 MB per second and sustained transfer rate of 60 MB per second (assuming 2:1 compression). To benefit from this level of performance, it is important to ensure that the drives are connected to a SCSI bus of a similar or higher specification. This means that you need:

    -- An Ultra 160/320 or Ultra 3 SCSI host bus adapter. Ultra 160 SCSI supports the maximum bus speed of 160 MB per second, and Ultra 320 and Ultra 3 SCSI exceed this. Note: Ultra 2 wide with a maximum bus speed of 80 MB per second is likely to be sufficient with typical data, which compresses at around 2:1. If the data is likely to exceed a 3:1 compression ratio, this HBA is likely to be the bottleneck.
    -- LVD-rated SCSI cabling and terminators. The LVD interface enables the data to be transferred at the drive's maximum rate and provides a maximum cable length of 12 meters. For best performance, keep lengths to a minimum, but avoid very short overall lengths (less than 0.5 meters).