What does this error mean with ARCserve 6 or 7 for NetWare: E6916 - No backup devices found E7207 - Failed to locate tape devices?

Version 1

    Cause: ARCserve 6 and 7 are unable to see the tape library. A future release from Computer Associates (CA) will resolve this issue.

    Solution: To work around this issue in ARCserve 6 or 7, make the following changes with the aid of support from CA.

    1. In the root folder of ARCSERVE.6 or ARCSERVE.7, locate and edit the Asconfig.ini .

    2. Find the section called [Loader].

    3. Add USEABOVE16 to the line after ASPIBD or CANWPABD and on the TAPESVR.

    4. Restart ARCserveIT.