How do I put NDMP and NetBackup in Debug Mode?

Version 1

    Solution: The following describes how to debug NDMP when NetBackup is used in conjunction with the Overland device. Debugging helps isolate or understand whether the problem is hardware- or software-related

    You can resolve many problems on your own if you set up the appropriate logs, reproduce the problem, and then take a look at the logs. If you contact support, provide as much log information as possible.

    On the NetBackup side:

    1. Put 'VERBOSE=6' in the bp.conf file on the slave, and create a /usr/openv/netbackup/logs/bptm directory.

    2. Start the robotic daemons in verbose mode (ltid -v), and check the /var/adm/messages log.

    3. Create a text file, /usr/openv/volmgr/database/ndmp_debug, with contents "65535." Also create a /usr/openv/netbackup/logs/ndmp directory.

    Note 1: The paths given above are for UNIX. If you are working on a Windows NT NDMP client box, you will need to use the equivalent NT paths.

    Note 2: The directories under /usr/openv/netbackup/logs can eventually require a lot of disk space, so delete them when you are through troubleshooting.

    4. Get the /etc/messages file from the toaster. If you are having problems connecting to a device, get the 'sysconfig -v' output from the toaster.

    In versions of ONTAP prior to release 5.3, you can obtain some basic NDMP debug information from the toaster by typing these two commands:

    toaster> rc_toggle_basic
    toaster*> dbg level ndmpd=50

    Beginning in ONTAP 5.3, more useful NDMP debug information is available from the toaster:

    There is some functionality about the java server which might also be helpful in the debug process.
    From the console, use 'ndmpd debug [ n | stack | screen | file ]'
    where n is a number used to determine debug verbosity. 20 is generally a good value to use, because it tells you the messages you receive. 50 gives you a lot of the arguments that are received and returned (it does not give you everything though -- like the SCSI data being returned).
    Use 'screen' to toggle sending data to the console.
    Use 'file' to toggle sending data to the log file (in /etc of the root volume).
    Use 'stack' to toggle printing the java Exception stacks.


    toaster1*> ndmpd debug 50
    toaster1*> ndmpd debug file

    Then, initiate some NDMP operations, and look in /etc/ndmpdlog.
    on the toaster for debug information.

    Before you contact support, have the following information ready:
    -- NetBackup version
    -- ONTAP version of the NetApp box
    -- Operating system version of the NDMP client
    -- Robot type and drive type
    -- Has this ever worked? Is the problem repeatable?
    -- Log information (see above)