Server Hangs during boot process using Fibre Channel Option

Version 1

    Windows 2003 server hangs during boot. Booting in safe mode hangs in loading ACPITABL.DAT. Possible environmental factors: Windows 2003 Service Pack 1, QLogic 2300f Fibre HBA, McData IPS4300 Switch, Xiotech Magnitude.

    Test #1:
    When the server is connected to the switch (has a fiber Zone), booting the servers first then connecting the NEO FCO to the switch everything works fine.

    Test #2:
    Connect the NEO FCO to the switch then boot server(s) they will hang. Booting in safe mode shows the servers are hanging on ACPITABL.DAT.

    Please contact Xiotech ( )to verify the version of the driver. You may also need an older version of Qloglic driver to work correctly with the Xiotech driver.