NEO XL-Series SCSI Media Changer Command Set

Version 2

    The SCSI media changer commands are based on the following specifications:

    • Document T10 Version ANSI INCITS Version

    • SMC-2 T10/1383-D rev 7 ANSI INCITS 382-2004

    • SPC-3 T10/1416-D rev 23

    • SAM-2 T10/1157-D rev 24 ANSI INCITS 366-2003

    • SMC-3 features (TBD for Post Launch Releases)


    A media changer logical unit receives commands to move cartridges between various types in the element address space. The element types are storage, import-export, data transfer, and

    medium transport. The cartridge handling robotic subsystem, addressed as a medium transport element, moves cartridges within a media changer. The media changer logical unit

    maintains an inventory of cartridges and the element addresses. The media changer logical unit reports this inventory when requested as well as identifying the element address

    assigned to different types of elements.