Licensing FAQs

Version 2

    How many LDAP User Accounts can I add to the server?

    The Glassware 2.0 license key permits 10,000 named LDAP users.


    Why can’t I create any additional users on the server?

    The G-Series requires licenses for concurrent users. The number of active concurrent users is displayed in the Virtual Application Orchestrator. Please check your license certificate to make sure you can add more concurrent users. The default number of named users is 10,000.


    An LDAP User was created, but I get an invalid username/password message when I try logging in from a Glassware Connect client. What should I do?

    Before logging in to the Glassware Connect client app for the first time, please log in first to Glassware 2.0 directly from a browser.


    How does the creation of Temporary Accounts affect my license key?

    Temporary Accounts are not included in the overall user count. Note that customers are still responsible for compliance to the actual number of concurrent user licenses purchased.


    What types of Glassware 2.0 software licenses are there and what are the costs associated with each?

    Please contact your reseller for pricing information or contact