Application FAQs

Version 4

    What types of applications can I install on the appliance?

    Please see the application compatibility guide on


    Can I run 16-bit applications on the appliance?

    Yes, in most cases 16-bit applications can be supported with the help of Sphere 3D Consulting and Integration Services. Existing customers should contact Sphere 3D Support. Prospective customers should please contact their reseller or


    My application has been virtualized into Glassware 2.0, but users cannot see the application. How do I enable the application for users?

    Please make sure that the application has been enabled for either the specific users or for all users, depending on the running mode selected on the Applications > View/Modify Applications page in the Glassware 2.0 Virtual Application Orchestrator.


    I have gone through the steps to virtualize my application onto my Glassware 2.0 server, but now the application does not appear to be working. What should I do?

    Some applications that do not follow Microsoft’s suggested best practices may not run as expected on Glassware 2.0 and may require professional services support to identify and resolve problems. Please contact Sphere 3D Support for further assistance.


    After uninstalling an application, I don’t have an uninstall option in Application Management. How do I remove the application icon?

    On rare occasions, the application uninstall process can require two passes to complete.

    • If available, click the Uninstall link in the Actions column on the Applications > View/Modify Applications page.
    • If there is no uninstall link but the application is still present, run the uninstaller again from the Applications > Uninstall Application page. If you still have an issue, please contact Sphere 3D Support.


    I tried to update the application mode and clicked Change, but when I refreshed the page, my previous settings remained.

    Once the application mode is changed on the Applications > View/Modify Applications page, select Save in the Action column to commit your changes.


    How do I update or change an applications mode and settings?

    1. In the Admin Panel, select Applications > View/Modify Applications.
    2. Click the name of the application.
    3. In the Update Application Settings pop-up window you can change the mode of the application (Maintenance, Web Access On, or Web Access Off) and control individual application settings.