Glassware Connect Clients FAQs

Version 2

    How can I download the Glassware clients?

    The Glassware Connect clients for Chrome, iOS and Android can each be downloaded from their respective app stores.


    After launching and then closing an application, I get a blank screen.

    Clicking the X for the application closes just the app, not the containerized session. You cannot re-open the app once it has been closed in the session. You need to exit the session before you can re-launch the app.


    I’m using a Chrome client, but when I launch Glassware 2.0 using the HTML5 browser client, I get a white screen. What happened?

    The Glassware Connect client for Chrome OS requires version 35 or higher. If you see this issue, please update Chrome OS to the most recent stable release.


    Every time I try to launch a second application in a web browser, the current one closes the connection. How can I run multiple applications at the same time?

    Click the App Launcher icon to run multiple applications at the same time.

    When I have two different users logged in and running an application using the same browser in two separate tabs, I see sessions disconnect and get error messages in the HTML5 window like “No status code present.”

    If a user is logged in under the same account in two tabs, only the last login session remains active.


    Why is App Launcher available when I select the HTML5 client for browsing, but not for the Java client? Can I switch through multiple applications with the Java client?

    The App Launcher is not supported in the Java client.


    Why can some users see the App Launcher while others cannot?

    The App Launcher is only available when using the HTML5 option for browser access. It will be hidden when using Java.


    My application sessions are unexpectedly disconnecting; why is this happening?

    Make sure that multiple users are not using the same account to log in.