Glassware 2.0 Administration FAQs

Version 3

    Can I add a group of users to a mapped network drive?

    There are two modes for users to access network drives:

    • Global Access enabled: all users will have access to the drive
    • Global Access disabled: each user must be entered individually to have access to the drive


    There are more than 400 users logged into the server. Why is it that the Active Users page shows me the correct user count, but no additional information on the users currently logged in?

    We specifically setup the Active Users this way to prevent excessive data strain on the server. If more than 400 users are logged in, the list of user information will no longer be shown.


    The statistics on the Dashboard have stopped working. What do I do?

    Navigate to a different page, and then back to the Dashboard.


    If I pull users from LDAP, will their passwords update if they are changed on the domain controller?

    User account passwords are created during the Glassware 2.0 LDAP import process. Subsequent changes outside Glassware are not automatically imported. You can resynchronize LDAP passwords by deleting and then re-importing the Glassware 2.0 user accounts.


    I set the automatic deleting of temporary accounts to 1 hour. It’s been longer than an hour and the temporary account is still there. What happened?

    The check for clearing of temporary accounts runs at a fixed interval. So, even if 1 hour is set, if at the end of the hour the temporary account was only inactive for 58 minutes, it won’t be deleted for another hour.


    How do I reset my user password?

    User passwords are changed from the Administration portal, Users > View/Modify Users, and clicking the Change Password link for the individual user.


    I modified the Time/Date Settings and now I can’t log in anymore. What happened?

    Glassware 2.0 is designed to use standard Internet NTP services to control Time and Date settings. The only changes that an administrator should make are to the Tine Zone settings. If the Glassware 2.0 Administrator manually changes the date/time while the server is connected to an NTP source, it can prevent all users from logging on, including the Glassware 2.0 Administrator. Customers should contact Sphere 3D Support for assistance in resetting the system clock and restoring access.


    How do I restart the G-Series appliance or the HTML Service?

    In the Admin Panel, go to Maintenance > Management/Updates. You can Reboot or Shutdown the appliance, and you can start, reboot, shutdown or rebuild the HTML5 service.


    What does Rebuild do on the HTML5 Service?

    On rare occasions, the HTML5 service does not start correctly on boot. You can check its status on the Admin Panel Dashboard or from Maintenance > Management / Updates). Click Rebuild on the Management / Updates page to rebuild the service. The appliance does not require a restart upon rebuild. If necessary, please contact Sphere 3D Support for more details.


    How do I reset my administration password?

    The Glassware 2.0 Administrator Account password can be managed through the Glassware 2.0 Admin Panel. If the admin password has been lost and needs to reset please contact Sphere 3D Support.


    Can I add additional administrator accounts to the appliance?

    Not at this time.


    How can I backup my appliance?

    At the current time, the appliance cannot be backed up. Sphere 3D recommends that user data is always stored on a networked drive.


    How do I know that a Glassware 2.0 software update installed successfully?

    You can track the software version by clicking the Glassware logo in the upper left corner of the Admin Panel.