SnapScale RAINcloudOS Version 4.2.089 Release Announcement

Version 1

    RAINcloudOS Version 4.2.089 is supported as an upgrade for SnapScale clusters running ROS 4.1.098 or higher. This version replaces the released RAINcloudOS versions 4.1.121 and 4.2.084.



    RAINcloudOS 4.2.089 is a mandatory update for all clusters running either release 4.2.081 or 4.2.084. Customers need to contact Overland Storage Customer Support before upgrading. Do not attempt an update without first contacting Customer Support!


    This release includes the following fixes:

    • Fixed a cluster table integrity issue that may occur following a drive swap and cluster reboots.
    • Added a number of improvements to the phone-home email processing.
    • Fixed an issue where the deletion of a snapshot share may result in loss of SMB access to the cluster.