Connect SnapCLOUD in Azure to On-Premise Network

Version 1

    Use this document to create a site-to-site VPN connection in Microsoft Azure to connect SnapCLOUD to an on-premise network using Azure Resource Manager and Azure PowerShell.


    To gain full functionality of SnapCLOUD running in Microsoft Azure as a Hybrid Cloud Solution to an on-premise network, a VPN must be used to connect the Azure Virtual Network to the on-premise network. Before deploying a Hybrid Cloud with SnapCLOUD in Azure, proper planning and review of the process is recommended.


    NOTE: Review this document before deploying SnapCLOUD in Azure if you plan to create a site-to-site VPN, as the virtual network and IP range get created at deployment. You can proceed with this document before deploying SnapCLOUD if you already have an existing virtual network, but the correct virtual network settings and IP range need to support the on-premise network.