Snap Enterprise Data Replicator Administrator Guide For Appliances Running SnapServer

Version 1

    The Snap EDR Management Console and Agents automate the secure flow of data between systems. This technology provides ready-to-use advanced file transfer and security features, and a scalable and flexible framework for remote data movement and management.


    There are two products in the Snap EDR family: Snap EDR Express and Snap EDR. Each agent requires a separate license, and the licenses are sold by product, available from the SnapServer Web site at For more information on licensing, see Licensing Information and Manage License Keys.


    Snap EDR consists of a Management Console and a collection of Agents. The Management Console is installed on a central SnapServer and coordinates and logs the data transfer activities carried out by the distributed Agents. An Agent is also installed on the Management Console host. The Agents are responsible for the actual transfer of data.


    Snap EDR Express supports replication between only two GuardianOS SnapServers, one of which is the Agent installed by default on the Management Console.